Bring on the Spring!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Back In Season

Oh, You say it has been almost 5 months since a post? And there hasn't been an outfit post since November either? MAN, what assholes we can be. BUT, I am here to say that we are back. And The posts are gonna keep on rolling in. I hope to feature some gorgeous male and female guest models in all future posts, but for today, you have to star solely at the mean mug (literally) of Kface.  I hope you can handle it.

Arrogantly Shabby
Black with White Bows details Maxi Skirt worn as Dress; Red and White Stripped Oxford

Arrogantly Shabby 
Here is a trend I thought I would try out, and not too sure how I feel about the results: Skirts over Dresses. I mean, its a big thing among the celebrities right seen on My Face Hunter.

Vintage Salmon Bowed Sleeve Dress; Green Hand dyed silk skirt with Patchwork Details; Woven Brown Leather Belt; Men's Pastel Tie worn as Headband. 

Arrogantly ShabbyArrogantly Shabby
Hand Knit Ivory Beanie; Forest Green Norwegian Sweater; Blue crushed Velvet Jumper, Tan Suede and Leather Double Buckle Detailed Boots. (Can we talk about these boots...I mean, they are GRAND, Just GRAND.)

Arrogantly Shabby
Black Merino Bell sleeved Sweater; Distressed Plaid Pastel Pillowcase as Scarf; Black and White One piece Culottes Jumper with Large Floral Print

Arrogantly Shabby
When it comes down to it, this is my favorite kind of outfit. Totally comfortable, still feminine, and I am able to run around in it, and not care about getting dirty. Transfer site win. 

Boyfriend cut Jeans torn into Shorts; Brown Leather Mary Jane's with ankle strap removed; Men's Woolrich Flannel Shirt; Oversized stretch belt; Red and White Plaid Sash removed from a wrap Dress as Hair Wrap. 


  1. awesome. yes the boots kick ass. And you pull off skirt-over-dress better than the celebs. just sayin

  2. Those boots! You're a real deal Alaskan babe. Fashionista treasure hunter posh model. Mmm m mmm. More posts please.