Bring on the Spring!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You've got to pick a pocket or two...

Ruckus here.

So, things have changed a little bit. Face selfishly moved to Minneapolis, god knows why. I kind of slipped off, south to Juneau (Alaska's Capitol City!). But that's not really important. Oh, actually it's kind of the point.

I'm broke. Broke as a joke. Living in a city is bullshit as far as finding free stuff goes. There aren't any dumps. Picking through the trash is fruitless. I have to buy salmon (if you're from Alaska, you'll know how embarrassing this is...). I could go on like this. It's expensive as hell. The End.

But I'm nothing if not resourceful. But there's little scratch as the end of the month for essentials, like a constant stream of new clothes. I was barista-ing for awhile, so I keep finding bills ferreted away in old, unwashed (Me? Noooo...) pants. Today, I lucked out: $10, jammed in some skinny jeans that mysteriously turned into tourniquet jeans after a month of holiday. Curious.

I headed to my local Starvation Army, which is, thankfully, just 4 blocks away.

I grew up going to thrift stores, but since I'd started dumpster diving, I pretty much stopped going altogether. But if you don't have an alternative, it's pretty sweet. Free entertainment, because you're in a museum of the near past, and it's for a good cause, and supports recycling. The cause is Fighting the Devil, I think. One stained men's blazer at a time.

I like to put on some really depressing music, and spend an hour or two looking though the shelves, thinking of ways to re-use stuff. It's time consuming, but I got nothing but time right now... 

The knick-knacks are probably the best to peruse. This awesome vinyl lion bank was only $ .50! That said, I'm pretty sure no one in the world needs this, and I'm surprised I saw it here, and not washing up as beach trash.

Books. These are awesome deals at thrift stores. You can find vintage, out of print books. One of my favourite projects is to get a bunch of vintage books that are already kind of damaged, cut them up and decoupage a wall or a table with them. Most are priced to move; 5-10 cents a piece! Every time I buy them I feel like I went back in time to the 1920s.

I love shit like this. Why do they have 3 dozen of these? Really? Old men didn't want to wear mylar sashes declaring their age? No way! Even the guy on the cover is pissed. At a dime, I couldn't afford to NOT buy one. I also found a trove of party supplies from the late 80s. Combined with THIS sash, I hope to make someone I love shit their pants on their birthday. With nostalgia.

Graphic tees are usually good. I always find giant ones, and I make my boyfriend wear them. But if I find a graphic I really like, I might cut it out, and then iron or sew it to another shirt or hoodie.

This is a sweet linen printed scarf I found in the scrap bin. I'll probably wear it for awhile, get annoyed with how ugly it is, then cut it up for patches or quilts.

I was thinking this ceramic fountain would be sweet to make a houseplant arrangement in. Maybe with cacti?

I'd been looking for this for months! $1, and perfect for the boat! People usually don't think of thrift stores when they need kitchen stuff or appliances, but there's usually a glut of them there. No one should ever buy a new blender. There's a continuum of them around already.

Patterns! Every thrift store has a pattern section. You can find vintage patterns, and most times they run a dime or a nickel a piece. These are from back when it was more economical to make your own clothes. It still can be, if you use re-purposed fabrics and fasteners.

Damn trucker hats, why you gotta be so trashy? I'm trashy enough that when paired with a flannel on a man, and I swoon. I'll get it ( $ .25) and leave it around the boat until the boyfriend sees it. Oh, he'll wear it...

Check out the 100% Merino beret ($.25)! And the linen scarf...which the lady threw in for FREE.