Bring on the Spring!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dress a family of brothers for a funeral

As we've mentioned before, Men's clothing is a bit harder to come by at the dump. I (face) feel this is because men are a lot more unlikely to part with an item after only a few wears, and will instead wear an item of clothing until moths will no longer touch it. Either way, over time we have slowly acquired enough items from the various dumps to do another men's shoot.  I happened to stumble upon a treasure trove of men's suit items, and gathered them like I needed to dress a family of brothers for a funeral. 

Men's seal gray suit pants (I found so many suit pieces I wanted to SCREAM. Vests, coats, suits, dress shirts, etc.); Sheer cotton pink plaid dress shirt; silk and wool stitched vest

Light blue linen shorts; Vintage live stock print sea foam  long sleeve t-shirt; gray Henley shirt refashioned into a cardigan; Beanie model's own. Shoe's came free with purchase of a vintage bowling bag at a local thrift store.

So can we talk about how he should have had a boombox sitting next to him. So Cusack it kills me. Olive green Trench with flannel lining; Men's stripped Suit Pants; Short Sleeved men's Grey pin stripped button up; Over-sized men's knit sweater vest; Shoes model's own

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shit Leopard

 I am NOT changing the title, Face. No way, no how.

So I found this. It's a leopard-print polyester chiffon dress. The cut was okay-it has a nipped waist, circle skirt and knotted bustline. The top was a bit..shouldery. I am almost positive this dress was worn by a man. It smelled like it. 

                                          The easiest way to make a dress better is to add a belt. Face taught me this. The sleeves were big and baggy, so I tied them with some brown lace anvoilĂ ! A cute sweet-heart neckline. This is just a leather skinny belt with a brass dolphin buckle, from the dump. You can't tell, but I'm also wearing long peacock feather earrings that I made. Damn!

This look is so hot. It might look costume-y, and that's cause it IS--but screw it! Leave the house in jeans and a t-shirt everyday, blend in. Or drape a dead raccoon on your body and be remembered! This capelet is  vintage, from around the 1940's. I got it on Ebay in a lot of 6 vintage furs for $10.  I pinned the dress up with a brooch (the photos of it didn't make sense...) but love it so much I might sew it like that. The shoes are little satin kitten-heel peeptoes, from the dump, a few years ago. The headband is a cheapie beaded one from Forever21, and the beaded bag is an old 60's pouch from Value Village. It was crazy overpriced at $4, but I HAD to have it. 

      I wanted to include a more casual look, so I tucked that dress into my underwear and called it good. No, really...I totally dig bubble hems these days, and you can get that look from a circle skirt turned/tucked under. Okay, I suppose if you didn't want to tuck it into the old baggy whities, you could pin the hem to a garter belt. Yeah, you should probably do that....The sweater is a crystal and pearl detail GEM SWEATER, 100% cashmere wool, snatched from a clothing swap. The silk kerchief was one of about two dozen I pulled out of a dumpster a few months ago, and the boots were also a dump find- perfect condition too!

 There it is: A shit leopard, 3 ways. Now, skip hence, ducks, and figure out that reference!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Kface here. I'm gonna try something new out, and we will see what you all think/how it flows with the rest of what we are doing. I figured, it may be time to show you how we take our dump fashion home with us. Now, not everything we find at the dump and feature in the blog do we take home, most actually stays at the dump for others to find and utilize. On the other hand, I know I personally stop by the dump almost once a day, so there is a lot that I pick up that will never make it to a regular fashion post. 

Below I show you a find (actually found by Ruckus) that didn't quite make the last shoot, but I stole to bring home with me. The items I use with the article of clothing are mostly simple accessories from the dump, as well as items I have greedily snatched out of others hands at clothing swaps with my friends. You dig?

Item in Question: This turquoise 80s dress (shoulder pads and all). 

Very simple, has a few little stains on the front, otherwise great condition.

Pretty shapeless on a hanger, most people might pass it over.

I use the dress as a top, simply add a black a pencil skirt (snatched quickly out of a trash bag of a friends before others could get their grubby hands on it!) wide belt (dump) and necklace I picked up...somewhere? Cheap custom jewelery is the best.

I use the dress as a skirt; Men's plaid button down in small from Dump; Earrings my own; Shoes were featured in our blog HERE; Wide brown belt from the dump. Belts are one of the best things, and look hard enough and you can simply keep upgrading from one to the next each time you visit a transfer site.

 This is where you must remember there are SO MANY possibilities for pieces you spot! If you even slightly like something, snatch it up! Bring it home, try a few things. If it doesn't work...why then simply bring it back to the dump for someone else to try their hand at it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Muddy Hymnal

Back to basics. One of our best shoots in a while, even enduring the soggy day filled with other people's cat liter strew about at the dump (really...clumps on shoes like no other. Why someone feels that can just pour it on the ground, and not dispose of it in the effing DUMPSTER TWO FEET AWAY is beyond me). Either way, we found that the patterns and textures of the fabrics were in full force, which always makes for a good photo shoot!

We realize we don't always show you how we have modified the clothing we use (scissors are a wonderful thing to keep in your car, for last-minute fashion modifications, impromptu-crafting and of course, self-defense), but we are going to try and start. Look for notes in the captions if we altered a piece to wear it in a unique way.

Shetland Wool sweater; Gray shift dress seen as skirt; Black Tights swapped from friend; Plastic 'Birkenstock' style sandals. I promise I am trying to look happier guys, trying.

Simple Shoe brand corduroy loafers 
Vintage Brown Leather Ankle Strap Sandals

The Loft Ditsy Floral voile oxford; Cotton Swiss-print cuffed jumper; Vintage wash GAP cut-offs; Old butter leather brown boots

(Can we talk about briefly about these shoes? In person simply divine. I don't think they translate to film that well...) (We CAN talk about these shoes. They were SO COMFY it was like standing INSIDE a veal calf!)

Childrens Wool sweater, cut to be made a cardigan; Scoop neck gray blouse; Blue Multi-toned Knit skirt; Brown Leather ankle strap sandals

The texture of this skirt was so delightfully 70's, it would pair really well with wedges and some thick tights for fall!

This gorgeous fabric is from the side of an old rotty couch. It seems like such a shame, right? But this is why you bring scissors, ladies! Snip the pretty/useable/non-mildewy fabric for use as pillows, wall hangings or what-have-you. But be careful not to defile a nice couch that someone could use!

Dockers Pinstripe suitjacket; Pintucked silk tank; Vintage wash GAP cut-offs;m Old butter leather brown boots

One of my favourite looks is short-shorts with little man-boots; it really toms up an outfit. A fun juxtaposition is something crazy feminine on top, like an embroidery-detail tank or floral button-up. A perfect Fairbanks summer look!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A little bit to get you through the week.

Something new, this way comes...

Wool herringbone fishing cap; Rose chiffon scarf; Chartreuse Jersey Tunic; Ivory Cotton Bolero Cardigan; Distressed Light-wash jeans; Dr. Marten brand Gibsons

Upcycled Patchwork Hoodie with straps; Black skinny jeans; Vintage suede Nikes

Teal distressed graphic T-Shirt; Stripped knit sweater; Relaxed Olive Linen Slacks; Black suede embroidered Moccasins. 

Handmade Sheepskin Hood; Twelve Days of Christmas Print Polyester Button up; Stonewashed Denim Levis; Fawn Mary Janes, Earth Shoes Brand