Bring on the Spring!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Smart Women, Trashy Books

There are days when you find the transfer station at its absolute finest. Days like today. There is a never ending supply of clothing, trinkets, and old men trying to help you discover your next outfit to feature.

The weather is warming up a great deal in Fairbanks, spring is here! It has been in the 30s all week, which means we can start busting out the shorts! (or like Liz, the leopard print bras....)

With the weather warmer, that means (hopefully) more frequent postings, and new fashion as people clean out their closets!  Oh I am so ready, are you?

Leather Piece used as Head Band; Roomy Charcoal Sweater; Embellished silver sequined belt; Frye Campus boots; Leggings models own.

Cherry and Royal with Black knit embellishing holiday sweaters; cuffed Boyfriend style Light wash denim; Chocolate Suede Moccasins; Thin-wal cord three pocket shirt; vintage leather laced clogs

Oversized Men's Cinch Brown/Orange Plaid Button-up; Cuffed Boyfriend Style Light Wash Denim; Tweed Military Inspired Blazer; Leather Latticed Flats.

Original Everlast boxing warm-ups; 34 DD silk Leopard print bra. Necklace and sassy attitude Models own.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Boys are Back in Town

We know a good thing when we see it, and our first all male post was a success! As a follow up we have more great treasures to share once again modeled with ease on our handsome volunteers... thanks to these fellas! It was VERY Nippy outside during this shoot, and we were very happy not to have to be disrobing this time ourselves...

For our Next post, all I ask is that you all don't get too upset when you just see our Classy mugs back on the main page...

Vintage Trucker hat; Multi-tone Men's Large Winter Flannel; Distressed Levi's original bootcut jeans

Green and spruce Flannel Plaid Button down; Vintage Summer Solstice Screen-print T-shirt; Batik Creamsicle Shade Scarf; DKNY espresso rinse jeans

Until we find more menswear to treat your eyes with, say goodbye to Nick, Kris and Dan!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lets hear it for the Boys

   It was a beautiful sunny day in Fairbanks. -5F made it not so beautiful, and made our little fingers numb. Thwarted by the Trash Man (I bet he would resent being called that. He's probably a heavy equipment operator...) (Though, he may also take PRIDE in it, being a 'Bin man!' Like Howard was...) we tried two transfer sites today, only to be let down, not a scrap of anything. Good thing we've been saving up man-clothes for this day.

  So thank you Dan, Chris and Nick, for being all handsome and sassy for us.

Carmine Merle abstract v-neck; Canvas and leather braces

Vintage KUAC trucker hat; African print silk button-up; Land's End Irish hand-knit wool sweater, ecru ; Eddie Bauer canvas and leather satchel; DKNY espresso rinse jeans

Fair-Isle knit cap; Land's End Irish hand-knit wool sweater, French Beige; Distressed Levi's original bootcut jeans; shoes-model's own

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Like a Boy...

Finding men's clothes at the dump is notoriously hard; men wear their clothes until they are rags, have no sense of style, or smell really bad. But every now and again, if you're really lucky, you'll find a trash bag or box full of glorious cast-offs. Probably washed and folded by some loving little honey-lamb of a wife with tiny hands.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Here's just a little peek of what we got.

Hand-knit Shetland cable sweater (Land's End); Vintage worsted wool pleated britches

It's spring, and we've got boys on the mind...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dumps like a Truck

  Today we tried to capture the newness of spring by getting some new photos, along with a fresh new lady-treat. You knew it was spring because this transfer site was hoppin'. I mean there were old toothless men left, right and center, scratching around in all the junk, claiming territory and such. And we used that energy, infusing it into our stylings.

Paisley Braces; Delta Meat & Sausage Co. Baseball tee; Wool tasseled tartan miniskirt.

 Seafoam Vintage Silk hankies; Tie-dye cotton tee; Cotton Muslin Sage skirt; Braided leather belt; Cotton Rose 3/4 sleeve cardigan; Up-cycled canvas tote

Vintage Silk polka-dot hanky; Voile floral scarf; Cotton Hawai'i tee; Thin-wale Cord 3-pocket skirt; Shetland wool legwarmers

Lipsmack cotton Scarf; Soft V-neck scarlet tee; High-waist oyster trousers

Vintage print Silk hanky; Shoulder-button Cotton crew tee; Webbing and leather belt; Cable knit wool miniskirt; Mustard leather envelope purse

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cabin Fever

 The days are beginning to get warmer, but the cabin still reigns supreme for photo-shoots. We are now back from Hawai'i and simply bidding our time before we can really scrounge and scrap through the transfer stations once more. 

Once again we bring you items modeled at Ruckus's house, but hopefully the spring themes and colors will start appearing more and more...

*** Note how we look like we want to die in every picture. This is half coincidence, half our poor modeling skills.
Hand-knit cotton cardigan; Linen pinafore top; Wool flat-front trousers; Wool tartan scarf

Men's Pleated High-waisted Chino; Floral silk scarf (used as Halter wrap top); Leather satchel clasp fashion as belt; Braided Headband

Vintage  Arctic Man musher's cap; Cotton plaid button-up; Navy cotton stretch pants with hip-pockets

More to come....seriously.