Bring on the Spring!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What once was...

There is no more denying the weather. Obviously these are a bit older...but, all still sweet finds non the less. Think of these pictures as reminiscing about the good ol' days.

Pastel Striped Maxi Dress; Silk scarf fashioned as Headband; Knit Powder blue sweater

Knee high Camel boots; Vintage multi-color duster; Orange suede belt

Silver wedge round toes; Dark rinse denim capris; Ivory ruffle tie blouse; Beige tweed blazer

Gray geometric print sweater; Tommy Hilfiger ash colored button down; Flat front grey trousers

Ombre stripped long sleeve T-shirt; Cropped DKNY Jean Jacket; Green Suede Ralph Lauren Pants; Black Hunting Boots

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things are Happening....

Fall is coming. People are moving. Things are happening. You know what's important though? Layers. Scarves. Disgruntled-prep looks. Not shorts. Or shoes without socks. Unless you're into hookworms and blisters. No idea what the shit happened there.

Cossack Wool-blend Jumper; Men's oxford shirt with button cuff detail; Bremuda shorts; Leather Dandy loafers

Woman's two tone Oxford shirt; Cotton duck vest; DIY Gap Jorts; Sorrell Leather hunting boot

Cotton tunic-length Mulberry cardigan; Jute and leather skinny belt; Ivory
Accordion-pleated strapless dress; Emerald satin T-strap peeptoe sandals

THIS combination is so lovely for fall--warm, berry or wine, leather and green. Paired with white, it's girly, summery, almost. Paired with neutrals, it's more posh, but still punchy. Love it.

Essential LBD, esp. since it has pockets; Knee high patent leather boots; Silk Scarf. 

This would be perfect with a cardigan for fall. or wrap shawl.

Poka dotted one piece romper; Chiffon skirt worn over romper; Black leather ankle motorcycle boots; Burnt Orange wide belt. 

Mixing prints always looks pretty badass in my book. The secret? When mixing bold prints stick to the same color grouping, or family of colors.

Striped men's button down; Skinny navy trousers (actually shorts, but you can't see it...) Silk striped burgundy tie. 

Our men's outfits constantly prove that you don't have to spend the cash to look fancy as fuck.

...And come'on. Can't a stylist hold onto the thought of summer a bit longer by pairing shorts with wool sweaters and closed to shoes with no socks? AMEN.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

On the Road Again

I feel like ever since I started having to clear away most of my household goods, and start packing up for my move to Minneapolis, that I have been overwhelmed with large, AWESOME goods at the transfer sites. All these goods in which I cannot take. The transfer site is an evil, evil temptress, I tell you. 

Stripped thin zip-up cardigan; Cotton GAP T-shirt; Suede Ralph Lauren pants

So, This guy right here got recognized the other day for helping out with our blog. He was VERY flattered....and wont stop talking about it now. So if you see him, make his day, tell him GQ is next.
Light wash jean shirt; Men's Wool Sweater; Relaxed Fit Jeans; Leather Loafers

Men's club Soccer Jersey; Gray wool Suit jacket; Brown tint Suit Pants

Oh to find Converse at the transfer site! That is when Converse are at their best!
Oversized Men's stripped Sweater; Grey Suit Pants (that went with the grey jacket above...); High top Converse

Blue Silk Ribbon Tie Blouse; White with lace hem Slip; White Strappy women's Sandals; Vibrant colored handkerchief Scarf

Sorry for not as much verbage this time everyone! the move is in 2 days, and Computer time is vvveerrrryyyy limited! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Make that House Shine Bitch!

So, Not only do we find badass clothing at the dump, we also come across lots of other ridiculously beautiful things for the house. Above are a variety of blue glass my friend Gina found for me at the dump. They were just sitting in a box, ready to be brought home.
Displays of blue glass always look good. ALWAYS. As with any kind of display, the varying of size and shape makes it more complex and pleasing to the eye.

This was my OH SO BRILLIANT find of the past two weeks. This is just a section of the print of two extremely large swaths of fabric I found. All clean. I believe they were drapes for someone else, I have yet to decide how they shall be used in my new place in Minneapolis. They are def. a grandma print, but if that is what you dig (and It IS what I dig...A LOT) you will score free shit ALL THE TIME at the dump. Keep DEM EYES OPEN.
****UPDATE* Can we talk about how this EXACT fabric is used for a dress at this awesome shop?**** 

This last find i did not take with me, and I DO hope someone came across it minutes after I took these pictures and brought it home where it should be. The is GORGEOUS and the possibilities are ENDLESS. Chandelier lighting is a prize to find at the dump, and figuring out the wiring to make them working again can easily be Done. Just ask Ruckus. 

  Dude, seriously, wiring is SO DAMN EASY.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Everyone Say 'Prune'

Why go to a dump, when you can just go to the backyard for a dump-like fashion shoot? Now, don't fret, all the clothing is still VERY MUCH from the transfer sites, I just had a few friends over this tie to my house and decided that the comfort of my own trash infested back yard would work juuust fine.

  PS, notice how gorgeous and autumny it is? Time for layers, accessories that actually DO something (hell-o scarves, gloves, socks over tights and leggings!) and earthy, lovely fall colours. Oh, and gratuitous shots of hot male models.

Cashmere Bow tie Sweater in Rust (Which I totally kept); Plaid daydress; Nylon's model's own; Penny Loafers. My face naturally looks like that. Truth.

Mustard Retro-pattern scarf; Powder-blue vintage shift dress; Hand-tooled leather cowboy boots

Can we all say this together: Scarf + dress + boots = timeless

First we have to address this: Don, you know you are a God among men, right? What the hell.

Cotton Polka-Dot Oxford; Twill and Satin Vest; Vintage tie; Dress slacks

Oh, and also: Men in vests. So. Hot.

Vintage Calico Dress with skinny leatherette belt; Vintage taupe peep-toe sandals; Straw hat

Yes, this is the same dress.  See how it works great on both lovely ladies!? Though,  I was the lucky lady that got to pose with the STONE COLD HOTTIE below.

Vintage Calico Dress with White lattice belt; Goldenrod Canvas messenger bag; White ballet flats 

Corduroy Blazer; Tartan Wool scarf; Grey flat-front trousers; Vintage leather dress shoes

  Corduroy Blazer; Tartan Wool scarf; Grey flat-front trousers; Vintage leather dress shoes (same outfit, just an extra chance to see our model's face.) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Be kind, Re-wind

 #1 : How sad is it that VCRs don't really exist so much anymore? Or cassettes? The joy of re-winding things? Lost, FOREVER.


Watercolour Poplin sundress; 3/4 sleeve Cranberry Crew T; Frye Motorcycle boots

White cotton sleeveless T; Vintage men's tie; High-waisted pleated trousers; T-strap espadrilles; Vintage leather handbag

Bedazzled cashmere cardigan; Rampage Stretch trousers; Slouch Pirate booties

Wool Beanie; Silk tailored top; Ikat Tribal print skirt; Canvas oxfords

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mock-ING Bird

  So it's been a month. You'd think that we'd have something to show for it...


You may have noticed I cropped my face out of this one...Believe me, it benefits from such drastic measures. I mean, it IS all about the outfit, right?

Flat brown leather riding boots; White Chiffon summer dress (styled as a skirt); Amazing brown knit sweater with princess cap sleeves; Pashmina (so said the label that was literally double-sided tapped to the shawl...AHEM)

Swedish Cotton Jumper; Dark Cocoa leggings; Coal suede slouch boots

Alights, ignore the fact that I am absolutely tits McGee in this outfit, and focus on that fact that you can't notice the pretty lace detail on this nude colored slip. Such a shame.

Black leather Flat Riding Boots; High-wasted Wool skirt; Nude Slip worn as camisole; Slouchy brown cardigan

"What is that face? STOP IT NOW." ---Face

This dress is adorable, pockets and everything! One little hitch: the buttons that run up the front are too small, and it takes itself off. Particularly en route to weddings...
Polly Ester Polka-dot Vintage dress; Brown velvet blazer; Wide woven leatherette belt; Cocoa leggings; Rampage flats

This is a crime-fighting outfit; leggings + short-shorts + boots is my favourite look ever. 

Pashmina (my ass) shawl; Silk Abstract top; Vintage rough-cut levi short-shorts; Cocoa Leggings; Coal suede slouch boots

White boots make everything look like a bad disco outfit. sigh.

High contrast print tunic; Black Leggings; White patent leather flat boots; Black Leather Belt. 

Tibetan prayer scarf; Victorian Print wrap dress; Skinny leather and brass belt; Dove leather handbag; Cocoa Leggings; Coal suede slouch boots


Leopard-print scarf; Lambswool Vintage Jumper; Crimson Dickies; Land's End leather Clogs

Sorry we are slack asses. The sad thing is we def. had some GOOD stuff saved up, but somehow we managed to make it all go wrong...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dress a family of brothers for a funeral

As we've mentioned before, Men's clothing is a bit harder to come by at the dump. I (face) feel this is because men are a lot more unlikely to part with an item after only a few wears, and will instead wear an item of clothing until moths will no longer touch it. Either way, over time we have slowly acquired enough items from the various dumps to do another men's shoot.  I happened to stumble upon a treasure trove of men's suit items, and gathered them like I needed to dress a family of brothers for a funeral. 

Men's seal gray suit pants (I found so many suit pieces I wanted to SCREAM. Vests, coats, suits, dress shirts, etc.); Sheer cotton pink plaid dress shirt; silk and wool stitched vest

Light blue linen shorts; Vintage live stock print sea foam  long sleeve t-shirt; gray Henley shirt refashioned into a cardigan; Beanie model's own. Shoe's came free with purchase of a vintage bowling bag at a local thrift store.

So can we talk about how he should have had a boombox sitting next to him. So Cusack it kills me. Olive green Trench with flannel lining; Men's stripped Suit Pants; Short Sleeved men's Grey pin stripped button up; Over-sized men's knit sweater vest; Shoes model's own

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shit Leopard

 I am NOT changing the title, Face. No way, no how.

So I found this. It's a leopard-print polyester chiffon dress. The cut was okay-it has a nipped waist, circle skirt and knotted bustline. The top was a bit..shouldery. I am almost positive this dress was worn by a man. It smelled like it. 

                                          The easiest way to make a dress better is to add a belt. Face taught me this. The sleeves were big and baggy, so I tied them with some brown lace anvoilĂ ! A cute sweet-heart neckline. This is just a leather skinny belt with a brass dolphin buckle, from the dump. You can't tell, but I'm also wearing long peacock feather earrings that I made. Damn!

This look is so hot. It might look costume-y, and that's cause it IS--but screw it! Leave the house in jeans and a t-shirt everyday, blend in. Or drape a dead raccoon on your body and be remembered! This capelet is  vintage, from around the 1940's. I got it on Ebay in a lot of 6 vintage furs for $10.  I pinned the dress up with a brooch (the photos of it didn't make sense...) but love it so much I might sew it like that. The shoes are little satin kitten-heel peeptoes, from the dump, a few years ago. The headband is a cheapie beaded one from Forever21, and the beaded bag is an old 60's pouch from Value Village. It was crazy overpriced at $4, but I HAD to have it. 

      I wanted to include a more casual look, so I tucked that dress into my underwear and called it good. No, really...I totally dig bubble hems these days, and you can get that look from a circle skirt turned/tucked under. Okay, I suppose if you didn't want to tuck it into the old baggy whities, you could pin the hem to a garter belt. Yeah, you should probably do that....The sweater is a crystal and pearl detail GEM SWEATER, 100% cashmere wool, snatched from a clothing swap. The silk kerchief was one of about two dozen I pulled out of a dumpster a few months ago, and the boots were also a dump find- perfect condition too!

 There it is: A shit leopard, 3 ways. Now, skip hence, ducks, and figure out that reference!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Kface here. I'm gonna try something new out, and we will see what you all think/how it flows with the rest of what we are doing. I figured, it may be time to show you how we take our dump fashion home with us. Now, not everything we find at the dump and feature in the blog do we take home, most actually stays at the dump for others to find and utilize. On the other hand, I know I personally stop by the dump almost once a day, so there is a lot that I pick up that will never make it to a regular fashion post. 

Below I show you a find (actually found by Ruckus) that didn't quite make the last shoot, but I stole to bring home with me. The items I use with the article of clothing are mostly simple accessories from the dump, as well as items I have greedily snatched out of others hands at clothing swaps with my friends. You dig?

Item in Question: This turquoise 80s dress (shoulder pads and all). 

Very simple, has a few little stains on the front, otherwise great condition.

Pretty shapeless on a hanger, most people might pass it over.

I use the dress as a top, simply add a black a pencil skirt (snatched quickly out of a trash bag of a friends before others could get their grubby hands on it!) wide belt (dump) and necklace I picked up...somewhere? Cheap custom jewelery is the best.

I use the dress as a skirt; Men's plaid button down in small from Dump; Earrings my own; Shoes were featured in our blog HERE; Wide brown belt from the dump. Belts are one of the best things, and look hard enough and you can simply keep upgrading from one to the next each time you visit a transfer site.

 This is where you must remember there are SO MANY possibilities for pieces you spot! If you even slightly like something, snatch it up! Bring it home, try a few things. If it doesn't work...why then simply bring it back to the dump for someone else to try their hand at it!