Bring on the Spring!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's over.

Well kind of.

KFace moved (again) to the States, and is no longer picking through trash to my knowledge. She has a kickass lifestyle blog, Campy Attributes--check it, yo!

I'm totally still picking through the trash. And wearing and eating it, and sometimes napping on it.

Sometimes I write about it, or make comics. 

Thank you all so much, for joining us on our trashy journey of self-discovery, not getting scabies, and pants.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Creeper Basement

Have you ever entered a basement that looks like it is straight out of a horror movie? Like, drains in the floors, peg boards with random tools hanging, walls that look like they have secret compartments and plywood hanging over the areas where victims have tried to claw their way out? I am sure EVERYONE has experienced this at least once...well, our friend now OWNS one of these basements, and in Fairbanks winter, it becomes a perfect place to take over for an Arrogantly Shabby shoot.

On Kface: Vintage Graphic Tee; Male Model: Silk Batiked dress used as scarf; Vintage distressed leather coat with an AMAZING lining (for sale here); distressed hunter green graphic tee; Forrest colored Woolrich plaid flannel.

As we get older, I see a trend occurring among not only Ruckus and I, but out friends as well. QUALITY over quantity. This extends to the transfer station as well, where we will pick up wool, leather, silks, etc rather than the newest trendy polyester or rayon pants and tops. Its cute, but acrylic? well... I don't see how that will stand the test of time. Yes, this is really happening.

On Ruckus: Vintage leather distressed jacket; Ivory Peasant top; Tan Ugg brand midcalf boots; tweed and leather shoulder bag. Male Model : Leather and faux-fur collared waist coat

Classic shapes and elements also become more prevalent. A good Leather coat, a day to night transitional purse with no flashy details, and solid layers that make it easy to be warm and stylish in our Alaskan interior.

On Ruckus: navy, oxblood and white Woolrich plaid flannel; Black Ugg brand ankle boots; Male Model: white and salmon thin plaid pearl button summer shirt. On Kface: Men's grey and brown plaid flannel
On a separate note, can we talk about how we are all products of the early Nineties Calvin Klein ads?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Snow Days

Ruckus moved into a new cabin a few weeks ago. Being thrifty as she is, she's been scouring the dump for furniture, decor and housewares. We figured that we'd try and show some of them off. Yay or nay? Let us know what you think!

          New model Cassidy channels Steve Zizzou in a cute sailor-ly outfit. Check the sweet Jadeite Fireking mug, circa 1940-ish.

Vintage Fromm Dog  Food Ski hat; 100% Cotton Sailor Stripe tank; Calvin Klein Velvet trousers; Paisley tie used as a belt; Peruvian bamboo and chalk turquoise bracelet; Found horse clam shell necklace-model's own

Stoked to have James back modeling! He's the designer and builder of that fantastic gypsy chicken trailor! The sweet handmade mug is one of his finds! Behind him is one of our all-time favourite finds: a vintage linen print. ADORE them. 

Vintage Fromm Dog  Food Ski hat; Wrangler Cowboy shirt; Grey Stripe tie; Vintage Old-Lady Sunglasses

Another super-classic look is a big scarf and a blazer. It's adorable, and can be as feminine or masculine as you want it to be. Add a hat for a cute bum-professor look, or a bit of lace or a fancy earrings to make it lady-like. Check out that gorgeous old lady lamp in the background-- it's a Campy Attributes dump find! 

Linen GAP blazer; Sleeveless graphics tee; Velvet patch pocket LEI trousers; Rough-weave cotton scarf (which I strongly suspect is actually a table runner...)

Oh man. Everyone loves an adorable skater look. The beetle box in the background is actually an old wine box that's been decoupaged. Fun fact: Wine boxes are the perfect size for incense. Sweet!

OBEY brand skate tee; Vintage Wrangler cowboy snaps shirt

My favourite look from this shoot; the hat does it for me. The shirt looked ugly as until it was on- the soft smokey-coloured ruffles aren't overbearingly girly, and the peek-a-boo slip is grungy but cute. 

100% Wool Felt hat; Calvin Klein ruffle placket top; Cream slip; Calvin Klein Velvet trousers

                            James found this sweatshirt. It's amazing. What is it from? It was tagless!

                 Chunky wool beanie; Galactic babe sweatshirt; Calvin Klein Velvet trousers